Singer/Songwriter Fayola Timberlake: New Beginings

Fayola Timberlake

In contrast to my last entry, I’m pleased to focus positively on the career progression of an individual I’ve grown to respect for her ambition and talent. It pleases me to see artist Fayola Timberlake working on her first EP.  I caught up with her for a chat on the release of her track ‘Pull the Plug’

The first and obvious question to ask is when did you start singing?

I started singing from the little age of 5 years old. I went to a private dancing school from the age of 2 where I did dance theatre shows, competitions and exams all around England . I would also sing cabaret, jazz and musical theatre songs with dance. I was the first in my school at the age of 8 years old to get through to ‘The All England Finals’ dance competition with my song and dance singing Fire Fly. During my career, I would always meet music producers along the way and started experimenting in the studio. I was very shy ,it took a while before I overcame it and realised that I really wanted to go for it.

You’ve worked as a performance artist for a while, dancing and now more ambitiously singing; Did you ever have an interest in pursuing a different career? 

No never. Dance and singing/songwriting has been my life; I could not imagine doing anything else. I love expressing myself creatively. It’s when I’m at my best. I must say I have a keen interest in people. So if I had to choose a different life and path I would be interested in psychology or anything humanitarian.

What has been a determining factor in your success so far?

I have a lot of self belief even though it can be hard at times with setbacks and challenges that come your way in life or with people letting you down. You have to bounce right back up and be consistent. So no matter what, you have to find the strength within to stay focused and positive, hold a picture of the outcome in your mind. I am also a risk taker and very much live in the moment and grab any opportunity that comes my way and just enjoy it. You have to enjoy the journey otherwise what’s the point. I also think having great family and friends who are so supportive and continuously believe in me and what I do really helps and is very comforting.
Which artists have been most influential on your career to date and why? 

Hmm very hard to pin point really. I think growing up being exposed to a vast amount of sounds and styles of music ranging from classical, jazz, 80’s, rock right through to pop and more, has reflected a lot on my songwriting and musical creativity to date. But I would say the one and only Michael Jackson has had the biggest influence of them all due to his innovative approach, to his style, music, pushing the boundaries and creativity with his videos and spectacular performances has been very inspiring. He has inspired me to experiment and try something different, fusing sounds whilst still maintaining a commercial edge.  I’m happy I got to meet him. Madonna for pushing the boundaries and always reinventing herself with her image and going from one style to another and still here, has been very inspirational as it’s hard for me to stick to one style because I love to experiment but try to keep that link between all my music with my vocal style. I also love Prince for his originality and genius.
Where do you get your motivation from and how in such a competitive environment do you keep a positive mental attitude?

I guess I have never been one to be threatened by anything or anyone and have always been competitive with myself. I have carried this attitude from very young throughout my dance career and has stayed with me ever since. I am naturally a positive, motivated person with a lot of energy and enjoy what I do. I have always believed that with determination and belief we can do anything we put our minds to. I also look at other people’s experiences and think well if they can do it then so can I.

Fayola (Corruptions Photography)

You are talented and one of a number of gifted female artists I know. You also model so is being photogenic or deemed attractive fundamentally the prerequisite for success? Is this an attitude that will ever change to simply allow success to emerge purely on a person’s ability to sing particularly live? 

Firstly thank you! No I don’t think it is at all. But unfortunately in today’s society where everything in the media is so focused on looks and image to sell a product it does play a part. But it also seems that for most people as soon as someone is in the public eye they seem more attractive to them anyway. But I do hope and I think it will change slightly because music is so accessible now and people just really want to hear a good tune regardless of someone’s looks.
Which artists have you worked with so far and who would you love to collaborate with?

So far I have collaborated with Supafly Inc also known as (Supafly) which is a UK dance act composed of Panos Liassi (Mister P) and Andrew Tumi (One).

They are best known for their track ‘’ Lets Get Down’’ – which was a club hit around the world. I have also collaborated with a couple of UK rappers. Updates coming soon!!

I would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars because I love his voice and melodies. It would be great to write for him to. It would also be interesting to collaborate with someone like Example and crossover with our sounds. And would love to do something with a band like OneRepublic because they are so versatile and rock!!

What does the next year hold for you; what will we see you doing?

I will be releasing my first single ‘Pull the Plug’ which is finally now up on you tube and getting a great response so far. Release date to be confirmed. I am in the process of finishing my first EP which I’m very excited about with lots of gigs and festivals to come.  As you know I am also a songwriter working on a couple of big projects at the moment so stay tuned!!!

I wish Fayola the greatest success with the track and her career!