‘Kanika’s Burdens’ by Jackie Joice

Kanika’s Burdens

A dear friend of mine has published her first book entitled ‘Kanika’s Burdens’  This is a supernatural thriller that centres on a young African American woman named Kanika Witherspoon. Kanika is a successful, college-educated woman with her own home. She’s devoted to watching over her grandmother, and she is looking for love. She also bears the emotional burden of a troubled family, but she has good friends to support her.

As Kanika struggles to reconcile her own religious beliefs with those of her grandmother, she is faced with supernatural phenomena that threaten to destroy her. Is the power of suggestion over the subconscious mind influential enough to manipulate how one sees and experiences their world?  Do fear, depression, and illness create a breeding ground for demonic possession? Are evil and the devil just myths used to rationalize the sinister actions of mankind? What happens when our greatest fears are internalized?

Kanika Witherspoon is an average young, black woman living in the city of Los Angeles, who finds herself forced to answer these unusual questions.

The book is available to purchase from Amazon

Conscious Living – By Kerys Nathan

It is always uplifting to see a creative mind at work. Moreover it’s inspirational to see the gift of talent, skill and selfless thought executed to help others. A very gifted friend, Kerys Nathan has just launched her book ‘Conscious Living’ aimed at helping everyone reach their full potential. Your support in buying the book will benefit many youngsters as 20% of proceeds are being donated to charities via  ‘The Legend Lives on foundation’  giving children the chance to become all that they can without the threat of restriction or abuse! The rest will be put towards the provision of a creative and personal development course for Kids in Care.

‘In order to create true genius, you have to live by the rhythm of your heart and not by the expectations of others!”…
………..Kerys Nathan

Conscious Living! is available to order from

Conscious Living