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David Emmanuel Noel, Artist David Emmanuel Noel, David Emmanuel Noel Art
David Emmanuel Noel

Well, here begins another avenue of communication with peers, friends, fellow artists and individuals sharing an interest in areas that enrich life, awaken inner spirits and provoke thought. I’m familiar with various networking sights such as facebook, LinkedIn and myspace but, to date, I have been rather reluctant to fully exploit the advantages of technology, communicating frequently in the virtual world. However, I realise this is one of the quickest and most effective mediums of making this  world smaller, meeting and reaching others, particularly those previously out of sight and out of touch.  So who am I, what makes me tick, what don’t I like? Well, I guess all will be revealed over time! If you’ve had time to visit my official website or others you will already know something about my good looks, charm, charisma and most importantly my sense of humour (or wild and vivid imagination!) Perhaps I missed out the bit about being a dreamer and joker???  ‘Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live’ is the saying. Equally” Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” is another quote I live by.

Now jokes aside, I think I’m a good well rounded person, approachable to those who seek genuine friendship, are communicative and sincere in their interplay with others, aspire to be the best at what they do, encourage those around them whilst providing a constant positive energy to the lives they touch. The world is already a difficult place to live in so let’s make it easier to co-habit the earth, providing a little love towards our fellow brothers and sisters!

I’m a person who finds it easy to express themselves and gain therapeutic release through painting. I studied art at Uxbridge College west London before pursuing courses in law and politics, influenced by society’s pressure to do in theory something more productive and lucrative with time. While an undergraduate, I became more and more involved in art projects, exhibitions and events to help pay the rent for the flat shared with two of my closest friends.  I become a member and eventually Chair of the Brixton Artist Collective, a south London based organisation promoting local artists, working with artists who became influential in shaping my appreciation of art, the power of self expression and necessity of communication with others in a professional setting. I’ve worked in various fields, from door to door sales to ten years (and counting) in architecture and the construction industry. My greatest joy remains being an artist and working with others promoting the social and therapeutic benefits of art in public spaces.

I welcome you in joining me as I keep in touch via this platform. Your communication and dialogue will always be appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Hello From Me!

  1. Well said, David. well said. I look forward to more words of wisdom from one of my favorite artist. I love your blog, wish I could find time to reconstruct mine. Check with you later.
    Indy Green

  2. Gaddy Sagardia

    “Dear David
    I happened upon your Blog (fantastic art – love the Mother and Baby illustration) and I found this great image of Gandhi and it would be perfect for my ICT coursework on graphics.
    I hope to use this image for purely for my own education, it will NOT be publicised in any way nor published on ORoff-line.
    I have to make an image promoting peace.
    Did you create the image? https://mrdavidemmanuelnoel.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/why-do-indias-dalits-hate-mahatma-gandhi/

    If not, can you put me in touch with the person who did? I would like to ask for permission to use it.
    Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give me
    Gaddy, UK, London”

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