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Pictures at an African Exhibition at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. A one-night performance by Darryl Yokley’s Sound Reformation forms part of the Pictures at an African Exhibition promotional tour.The performance is accompanied by a display of works created by David Emmanuel Noel.


The Figurine Series is an ongoing exploration of colour, using the body as a focal point for exploring form, tone and expression. This work is also an extension of recent paintings focusing on dance and movement. It is a shared display of the artist’s current exploration into the human body, focusing on its contortionism and what appears both physically and visually conceivable. For further information and additional work please visit davidemmanuelnoel.com

A selection of work forming the Fusion Series. The work is an experimentation of colour, using a variety of acrylic paints and ink. In recent years there has been a growing acceptance that the healthcare environment can have a significant impact on a patient’s perception of their medical care and, in some cases, on their actual recovery. Health professionals explore the psychology of colour and how well-chosen hues on walls, floors and furniture can have a positive, or indeed negative, effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. The viewer is als encouraged to think about the relationships between tones and textures in paintings , how they provoke emotions and contribute to the therapeutic impact of colour.

A series of work inspired by jazz music and collaborations with musicians such as Darryl Yokley’s Sound Reformation on the album ” Pictures at An African Exhibition’ released in early 2018 via Truth Revolution Records.


Pictures of a Diaspora. A small selection of work representing images of peoples from the African diaspora. For a wider selection of work, including a number of themed works, please visit http://www.davidemmanuelnoel.com