Gallery Two- Art by David Emmanuel Noel

Gallery One

The purpose of my art, through strong vibrant colours, is to capture and provoke thought and a sense of the world through characters, landscapes and abstracts I paint. I am interested in some form of cultural representation, yet equally interested in the subjective aspect of painting — in the application of paint and the balance of colour, scale, line and movement.

This forms the bases of my working methods, experimenting with shape and movement, invoking emotions and thoughts, initially through sketches that may translate into paintings that follow recognisable styles, executed through chosen mediums.

Art is not a luxury but a necessity for maintaining our sense of the world particularly when our understanding of it can be flawed by those who easily influence and mislead us. I believe art plays a powerful role in recording or even distorting history and our appreciation of others and ourselves. In various mediums art is a significant tool to shape society and our future.

Here are some examples of work but for further information and a greater selection please visit my official website  Thank you!

David Emmanuel Noel ArtDavid Emmanuel Noel Artdavid-emmanuel-noel-drawings-1david-emmanuel-noel-drawings-2-2



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