What Do Artists Do All Day?

I’m often asked what do I do on my average day. In truth, each day is very different! I came across this two part BBC Arts video of the award winning British artist Tracey Emin. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and inspiring to watch. Irrespective of your artistic preferences, she highlights some important points on pursuing a career as an artist. Moreover, the dedication to her craft is very well illustrated. Enjoy!

Time Waits For No One

Saying hi to all! Again, I look at today’s date and can’t believe how quickly this year is going. However, some things remain unchanged, particularly in the world of politics, social justice and the pressing need to address our climate change crisis. If anything, time is running out! What will happen by this time next year I wonder? I say listening to the Rolling Stone’s track of the same title. Will the UK Government agree a Brexit proposal by then? Will ‘the Donald’ still be US President? What are your views?

The time also signifies a year since the official release of the album “Pictures at an African Exhibition.’ I decided to mark it by posting a short video, describing my experience of working on the project and collaborating with Darryl Yokley. Wishing you all a prosperous week!