‘She Has a Name’ illustrates film making with a great purpose.

She Has a Name, the 2016 Canadian drama by the Kooman brothers, was released in the UK this month and will be shown at selected cinemas across the country during the coming weeks. The film’s primary focus is the harrowing story of two young girls who become victims of trafficking in Thailand. The film highlights the level of human trafficking, the height of corruption and the power businessmen yield from such a despicable activity. Please click on the link to read my review  of the film for Occhi Magazine.


Shapers of Minds – Contemporary Group Exhibition at Elizabeth James Gallery London

I’m happy to announce some of my work will feature in the forthcoming exhibition dedicated to those unknown heroes that inspire, through words, notion and action, shaping our minds and ideas about ourselves, about others, and ignite our passions that which leads us. Many influencers visit our lives for a fleeting moment but  others remain present throughout; friends, family and leaders.

The two abstract pieces I’ve decided to feature celebrate those men, women and relationships that have influenced me, as well as my appreciation of music, particularly jazz.  Exhibiting artist include Ian Barrington, Jess Le Gray, Elizabeth Balogun, Tamsin Watson and Nasha Bradshaw.  The Private View is on 13th June from 7-9pm. You must register to attend so please visit the gallery’s official site for details. The show is open to the public from 14-26th June 2017, 11am-6pm Monday – Saturday.