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August 22, 2014 1 comment


I’ve been doing a few sketches and pencil drawings of late. Witnessing continuous media headlines of war, fighting ,death, shootings of unarmed civilians by police and most recently the beheading of an American journalist, I could only express my thoughts on paper. The attached image I’ve chosen to share is entitled “Peace Right Now!”

It is estimated that over 160 million people have died in wars from the 20th and early 21st Centuries alone. Enough is enough! The image represents a truce; a coming together of both sides of each war, fought in the name of religion, race, ethnicity and political perspectives. The handshake is the action to signify this change, the bleeding heart represents the heartbreak felt by millions of loved ones, family and innocent people caught in the crossfire of war. The love heart represents the healing and on wall behind are listings of the many life changing wars fought all over the world.

Behind The Face of a Great Talent

RIP Robin Williams. My condolences to his family. Alongside the late Richard Pryor, he was one of the funniest and gifted comedians I  grew up with and a very talented actor. A sad and reflective week. A significant one because it makes me think about people I’ve known and the amount of time we give to others to find out what’s going on in their lives. Too often we’re in our shells, oblivious to others. Most of us focus on our lives trying our best to exist or, worst still, focus on impressing the wrong people, particularly in the virtual world of Facebook etc instead of creating a real life with real relationships. I think William’s passing illustrates the fact that success and material wealth cannot itself guarantee happiness or replace that constant need for sincere selfless human support and communication. Suicide is a permanent solution for what may be temporary or avoidable situations as he alluded to in one of his films. There are thousands like him in dire need of support without his fame, popularity or fortune. Perhaps his passing will be the catalyst for making society further aware of the severity of depression, the stigma of mental health issues in general and need for us all to be vigilant with those we know. Statistically, around one in three people suffer mental health and depression.  Look after yourselves.. and each other!