Paying Artists Campaign: Public has a vital role to play

The following blog entry quotes  Marie Kazalia from Artist Marketing Resources

‘The new Paying Artists campaign by a-n UK is set to begin on the 17th of May and is about encouraging diversity and creating equality of opportunity for all artists. The campaign will launch a new website and public relations strategy to reach out to and seek to influence the arts-interested public, government and legislators and extend into the communities that artists directly engage with. Many people beyond the arts sector will have a chance to take part in conversations with professional artists, to become aware not only of the realities artists face, but also to experience and understand how artists can enrich society and create well-being.

With over 18,000 members, a-n/AIR brings a big artists’ voice to making the case to transform the contemporary visual arts – for artists, for galleries, for funders and for the wider public.

National and international partners are streaming in to support this vital campaign. Included is Arts Development UK, the membership body for arts managers, who said: “Many of our members work with disadvantaged communities, and the arts can make a real difference to people’s lives. We believe that everyone should have a right to participate and enjoy the arts and that artists should be paid an appropriate wage and valued for offering their services.”

Artists, arts organisers and cultural commentators are invited to lend their weight to the campaign at To host a campaign debate and presentation contact AIR Communications. Follow the conversations on twitter: #payingartists ‘


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