“Creativity is a Drug I Cannot Live Without”

Abstract Figurative.2
Abstract Figurative.2 by David Emmanuel Noel

I love the above quote by Cecil B. DeMille. I look forward to another creative summer full of fun and hopefully a bit of traveling. Part of the fun will no doubt include exhibiting again and working on a new body of work. I’ll be working on a few themes involving live music, musicians and African symbolism.

Music is very important to me; there’s something uniquely wonderful in seeing artists sing or express themselves through the use of a musical instrument. Like me, they get lost, enjoying the process of being creative. They lose connection with the outside world , are at peace with themselves and in their own mental space. I’m also looking forward to attending a few music festivals for further inspiration. There are some great acts to see.

Africa as a continent is awash with symbols. African symbols are “sources of insights into African orientations to life” according to the Ghanaian historian N.K. Dzobo. Whilst signs provide simple information, certain symbols are used to communicate more spiritual and pertinent messages concerning the way of life of  people, addressing every situation they are presented with. Given the vastness of the continent and its various existing cultures, it would be a big task to gather a fully comprehensive directory of symbols. Therefore, I will be working on my own interpretation of the West African Adinkra symbols.

Time to get creative! Wishing you all well!

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