Looking forward to seeing some ‘RAW’ talent!

David Emmanuel Noel RAW flyer
David Emmanuel Noel RAW flyer

Despite some of life’s recent challenges , I’m still focused and enjoying the process of being creative. Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity of working with a few companies on branding designs, websites and collaborating on ventures designed to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in London. I’m also excited by the opportunity of working on a very interesting private commission in Denmark. Hopefully I’ll be over in a few months to start this whilst seeing friends perform at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

I’m equally excited to be a featured artist in the forthcoming ‘RAW’ arts event in London’s Brick Lane this July. Moreover, there’s a chance I’ll be part of an event later this year on my return to New York.

RAW: natural born artists, is an independent arts organisation for artists, created by artists. It currently operates in nearly 60 cities across the US, Canada, Australia and now London! It’s an international community made up of creative individuals across the globe with a mission to provide independent artists with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. All genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more are included in bespoke, one evening events that showcase some of the most creative individuals in each city.

The London event takes place on July 3rd at 93 Feet East (150 Brick Lane, London from 7pm to 1am. Tickets are just £12 each for what will be a great evening. To book or for further information please visit my RAW artist’s page http://www.rawartists.org/davidemmanuelnoel

I’m privileged to be part of this creative family and look forward to the show. Hopefully I will be honoured to see some of you there!! Wishing you all a great week, May it be a step closer to turning your dreams into realities!

Paying Artists Campaign: Public has a vital role to play

The following blog entry quotes  Marie Kazalia from Artist Marketing Resources

‘The new Paying Artists campaign by a-n UK is set to begin on the 17th of May and is about encouraging diversity and creating equality of opportunity for all artists. The campaign will launch a new website and public relations strategy to reach out to and seek to influence the arts-interested public, government and legislators and extend into the communities that artists directly engage with. Many people beyond the arts sector will have a chance to take part in conversations with professional artists, to become aware not only of the realities artists face, but also to experience and understand how artists can enrich society and create well-being.

With over 18,000 members, a-n/AIR brings a big artists’ voice to making the case to transform the contemporary visual arts – for artists, for galleries, for funders and for the wider public.

National and international partners are streaming in to support this vital campaign. Included is Arts Development UK, the membership body for arts managers, who said: “Many of our members work with disadvantaged communities, and the arts can make a real difference to people’s lives. We believe that everyone should have a right to participate and enjoy the arts and that artists should be paid an appropriate wage and valued for offering their services.”

Artists, arts organisers and cultural commentators are invited to lend their weight to the campaign at http://www.a-n.co.uk/subscribe. To host a campaign debate and presentation contact AIR Communications. Follow the conversations on twitter: #payingartists ‘


“Creativity is a Drug I Cannot Live Without”

Abstract Figurative.2
Abstract Figurative.2 by David Emmanuel Noel

I love the above quote by Cecil B. DeMille. I look forward to another creative summer full of fun and hopefully a bit of traveling. Part of the fun will no doubt include exhibiting again and working on a new body of work. I’ll be working on a few themes involving live music, musicians and African symbolism.

Music is very important to me; there’s something uniquely wonderful in seeing artists sing or express themselves through the use of a musical instrument. Like me, they get lost, enjoying the process of being creative. They lose connection with the outside world , are at peace with themselves and in their own mental space. I’m also looking forward to attending a few music festivals for further inspiration. There are some great acts to see.

Africa as a continent is awash with symbols. African symbols are “sources of insights into African orientations to life” according to the Ghanaian historian N.K. Dzobo. Whilst signs provide simple information, certain symbols are used to communicate more spiritual and pertinent messages concerning the way of life of  people, addressing every situation they are presented with. Given the vastness of the continent and its various existing cultures, it would be a big task to gather a fully comprehensive directory of symbols. Therefore, I will be working on my own interpretation of the West African Adinkra symbols.

Time to get creative! Wishing you all well!