Hello September!

Love & Tenderness
Love & Tenderness

It’s now September! This year is going incredibly fast. September’s the time when children are returning to school and public transport becomes slow, unable to cope once again with rush hour commuters returning from their summer vacations. September is normally the month that signifies the end of the summer. This is slightly depressing for some as it means dark and cold nights ahead. However, one should always keep in mind the fact that, irrespective of the climate, you always have the power brighten your mood and mind-set. Moreover, the good weather is still with us so let’s enjoy it while it lasts. I’m actually looking forward to the next few months because I hope be advancing with a few personal projects. I’m particularly looking forward to the prospect of working with the New York based charity CAMBA.

This summer has been well spent, working on a new body of work whilst gaining further inspiration from some of the great exhibitions and shows I’ve attended. I thought to share with you some of the work I’ve produced. I look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks. Wishing you all a great day!

The Dancers
The Dancers

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