Featured Artist- Kerys Nathan

Design Balance
Design Balance

I often take comfort and motivation from creative professionals I know. Few are more creative or professional as Kerys Nathan who has featured in previous blog entries.

Kerys  is a writer, director, photographer, performance coach & motivational speaker.  She is a constantly evolving artist, morphing through different artistic disciplines.  Her photographic and design work is very arresting, articulating expression and capturing art in a bright, colourful and refreshing way. Her resume includes music video, logo design, album design as well as visual layouts, brochure and poster design.

The desire to visually stimulate, inspire and challenge is at the centre of all her photographic and design work. Passionate about imagery and the response it can provoke, she approaches every project with a focus that allows this to happen for both her and her clients. Whilst creating and designing projects for her own business she is establishing a client list that includes recording artists, performers, fashion labels, schools and corporate clients.

Kerys Nathan Photography
Kerys Nathan Photography

There are many  from corporate companies to freelance artists who could benefit from her services. For  further information on her photography and design services please visit



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