The Rise of Debut Artists

Artwork by Damilola Odusote

This week I’ve  had the pleasure  of attending the private viewing of Debut Contemporary’s November exhibition. The show is definitely a good platform for any art follower to discover and support great talent from emerging contemporary artists. The show maintains a quality I expect as well as a diversity of styles, delivered through a variety of mediums. The featured artist include Heloise Toop, Elizabeth James, Paulette McKoy and Damilola Odusote. The work is in a positive flux, making me eager to see what else these artists will produce for upcoming shows. Debut remains, in my view, a primary location to see the most exuberant, fresh and freewheeling styles of art in one room. I’m happy to see the work of such talented individuals being genuinely praised and admired as they were last night.

Some of Debut’s artists are particularly busy over the coming weeks. Paulette McKoy is a featured artist at the gallery this Saturday. Blue Moves is a special one day special event where Paulette will be creating visual art inspired by the issue of combating the stresses of everyday contemporary life. The public is invited to engage in Paulette’s creative process, as she works with raw materials live, accompanied by the sounds that ignite her creativity, in this site-specific installation. She will explore the powerful source of the colour blue through a collection of monochrome work. Blue, so prominent in nature, is considered beneficial to the mind and body, as it is known to slow human metabolism and produce a calming, tranquil effect.

Also this week photographer Toni Gallagher has her solo exhibition entitled ‘The Gluttonous Lady that swallowed the Fly’ at the HorseHospital gallery, Colonnade, Bloomsbury London from Friday 9th to Thursday 22nd   November. For further information on the show and some of the artists please visit the following websites:

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