Supporting Peace Through Art

Make Peace Mosaic
Make Peace Mosaic

On this memorial date it seems timely to add this entry. I’m glad to be part of this year’s ‘Make Peace’ collaborative art exhibition organised by The Peace Project.  I am inspired and privileged to be exhibiting alongside some very talented individuals. The show provides a platform for artists to share their vision of what ‘makes peace.’ The traveling show, appropriately titled ‘Peace Travels’ will be unveiled on September 22nd at the Deep Ellum ArtWalk, Dallas, Texas.  The exhibition will then subsequently make several stops in Southern California and travel to other locations in the United States including San Francisco and New York. The show will comprise of three elements featuring work by artist Ransome Stanley, 156 pieces chosen by jurors and a mosaic of work by The Whole 9 artists.

The Peace Project is an international social movement powered by the belief that, through creativity and community, we can change the world. Lisa Schultz, founder of the online creative community The, launched the project in July 2010.

The Peace Project and The Whole 9 were conceived upon the philosophy of inclusion, encouraging people from all cultures, religions and creative walks of life, to participate, connect, share resources and help find solutions for a better world. Since 2010, a number of initiatives have taken shape to highlight and improve situations in some of the world’s most war torn regions. This includes Operation Rise, launched on World Peace Day, September 21, 2011, with an objective to get over 10,000 of Sierra Leone’s amputees, war victims and children back on their feet through the provision of crutches and other mobility devices.

For further information on The Whole9 and The Peace Project please visit

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