Working with The Powerhouse.


This week I had the pleasure of conducting an art and art history workshop for Powerhouse, a charity in east London run by and for women with learning difficulties. Teaching is always an uplifting experience and this was the first time I’ve worked with a single sex group in a while. It was an honour to be invited to do it. It was a good exercise for all, resulting in talk of supervising a Powerhouse group mural at the end of the year.

I feel compelled to tell you more about the Newham based organisation, especially since funding for this vital initiative is minimal.  Mencap states that the ‘1.5. Million people living in the UK with a learning disability, are among the most excluded and disadvantaged people in today’s society.’ In reality people with learning disabilities are still marginalized at the most basic levels, and their choices and opportunities and freedom of expression are still limited. The Powerhouse recognizes that women with learning disabilities are subjected to further discrimination.

At the Powerhouse workshop

Powerhouse provides workshops on healthy and independent living. It also provides advocacy and peer-support to its members, empowering them to lead full and independent lives by providing a safe and welcoming space for women with learning difficulties. Through the Powerhouse, women make friends and gain life skills and also learn about their rights and choices. For further info on Powerhouse please visit

Have a great week everyone. For those in the UK, enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

2 thoughts on “Working with The Powerhouse.

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for sharing. We have learning disabilities winding through our family. My child could draw anything, but could not read at 7 yrs old. Her ordeal made me understand my struggles better. Many people do not understand. A parent once said he was not sure he wanted these ‘dumber’ students included in class. She graduated college with two degrees after playing two sports and having two babies. We all have to find and use our strengths.

    This speaks well for the Powerhouse organization and for you in helping out. Some of my best 5-7 yr old artists/ musicians/ athletes struggle the most due to learning disabilities.
    God bless you, Mr. Noel.
    Jessica L. Parker Coleman

    1. Hi Jessica, hope you’re well! Your child’s story is inspiring and a testament to what can be achieved if we’re presented with the right environment in which to thrive. Wishing you and yours the very best!

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