Economy of Scale

This week I attended a private viewing at the Rook & Raven Gallery in London. The gallery is the flagship space for London Art Consultancy 2R Art, showcasing contemporary artwork by UK and international artists. It was the first time I experienced having to wait in a queue for the gallery to open but I guess an opening time is given for a reason. It was a good sign it attracted many people.

“Economy of Scale” is promoted is a solo exhibition from the multidisciplinary artist Penny.  After an unexpected wait the guests were allowed in. I must admit the experience was like entering the premiere of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, passing through the front doors to view a clan of well built security guards looking menacing in their black suits.


I’ve been to a few shows at Rook & Raven and one thing I do like about this gallery is its sense of order, planning and hospitality. In truth, the security guards in truth weren’t that bad! The gallery is a wonderful space, serving large works of art well so I was initially disappointed with the scale of the majority of work. However, my interest was sustained and as enjoyed the cut stencils, taxidermy butterflies and mixed media works on dollar bills and old one-pound notes. One noteworthy entry was ‘Kali’ This is a 13 layered hand cut stencil, spray paint on glass, framed with a genuine butterfly on cotton wadding.

The portfolio of work exhibited addresses a variety of subjects from religion to the Victorian and Renaissance eras. You can definitely appreciate the effort and time executed on each piece. For further information please visit

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