A New Chapter: Back to the Studio!

Woman Gardening- David Emmanuel Noel

So, a month of exhibiting draws to close as I return to the UK. This realisation left me slightly deflated as I’m happiest when exhibiting and networking with artists in New York. The city is unique with a strong community of creative professionals. In my experience, it is a community that shows support and solidarity. It is also a city that embraces the social benefits of art in public spaces. Something close to my heart.

I’m also thankful to a friend who reminded me today of the great exhibition and art related opportunities that exist elsewhere within North America and emerging markets. I’m motivated to be as artistic and ambitious as I can be in furthering my artistic leanings.  Fingers crossed, I do look forward to returning soon to work on a community project in the Bronx. Further info to come!

I’ll return to London, determined to produce a new portfolio of work, worthy of my many talented contemporaries , that reflect my thoughts on a number of themes and topics.

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