Matrix of Conceptualisation- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York

Hello everyone! This week sees the start of my latest show, forming part of the Amsterdam Whitney’s March exhibitions. ‘Matrix  of Conceptualisation’ runs from March 2 to April 3rd in New York’s Chelsea district. If you’re in town and around please pop in as it would be great to see you plus get your feedback.

The following text forms part of the gallery’s publicity and summary of the exhibitors featured in the show:

Amsterdam Whitney March Exhibition
Amsterdam Whitney March Exhibition

‘Matrix of Conceptualisation presents four remarkable international masters from Brazil, the U.S., Sweden and England who offer expressionistic visceral vistas with a global perspective as they dynamically illustrate universal themes which are infinitely rich in variety while capturing diverse viewpoints of our world. Investigating both the physicality of the environment as well as the inner emotions of the human spirit, their conceptually symbolic compositions are intriguing creations which provide a vibrant opportunity for reflection, consideration and enjoyment, as they alluringly appeal to the human heart.

Elisiana Alves brilliantly conveys the complexity and profundity of nature in her ravishing, vividly colored nature series entitled “Sofia’s Forest” where she orchestrates an amalgam of abstract themes into her landscape paintings which reveal semi-abstracted reveries of magical realms while adding a contemporary expressionistic perspective.

Robert Crum introduces his own individualistic lexicon of illuminated hues and masterful brush strokes in his visually rich plein-air landscape and still life paintings which offer contemporary reinterpretations of classically inspired perceptions that exude radiant light and luscious color as they luminescently echo the timelessness and beauty of our natural world.

Eva Friskman’s unique fused glass on steel plate paintings resonate with an organic luminescence as her texturally bold two dimensional works are evocative of natural subjects matter such as woman’s faces, birds, flowers, jars, utilizing transluminescent colors which externalize the magnificence of everyday objects, people and events of nature.

David Noel’s powerfully richly hued compositions lead us on a visual odyssey to become an emotional tableaux which viscerally captures the hidden emotions, unseen attitudes and strong personalities of his subjects through expert use of emotive color, light and shadows all of which contribute to the expressionistic element of his work.’

It’ll be great to see some of you there as your support would be very much appreciated. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous week ahead! D

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