I’m following the blog of my friend Nichelle and fully agree with her reservations regards using the term ‘black’ as a self description. Check it out!

New World Nubian

It’s a common question here in Miami among my students, especially those from Latin America to ask, “Why do you call yourself African-American?”

Well, this is a loaded question.  One because I am tempted to give a 20-page dissertation for the answer, but two because I want to get it right. But, usually I settle for some quick coded-answer that time allows for. “I am a descendent of African people living in America. It is a way to celebrate my dual heritage.”  My explanation belies that there is a choice I make when using that term.  I actively recognize that I am two people in one.  I could just say American.  But to leave that out would be to  leave out a grand part of my identity:  my taste for music, my choice in foods, my ogling at a dark-skinned brother with locs down to there, my family who moved…

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