Art, Architecture & The Public Realm

I hope you’re having an enjoyable week. This week has been an inspiring one and I intend to spend the next month in the studio. I feel the need to hibernate, working on new work, preparing for what I hope will be an exciting and rewarding 2012.  This week’s inspiration came from attending the opening of London’s Debut Contemporary winter exhibition featuring work from my friend, photographer Elizabeth James and several other up and coming artists.  If you are in the Westbourne Grove/Notting Hill area of west London over December be sure to pop in. Debut Contemporary is an innovative platform aimed at talented and ambitious artists interested and eager to turn their art practice into a successful career and a viable business. Debut claims the title of being the single professional development and career empowerment platform of its kind in  Britain and follows on from the success its founders Samir Ceric and Zoe Knight achieved through the launch of Salon Contemporary and Wolf & Badger which earned them the industry titles such as ‘one of the Britain’s most powerful couples in art & fashion’

Baroque style: San Benedetto in Catania

I also caught up with former colleagues in the construction industry at a seminar on Art & Architecture featuring Sarah Collicot of Insite Arts, an organisation working in partnership with clients to deliver innovative and relevant public art and arts initiatives. The event left me wondering is there any difference between art and architecture? It is impossible to conceive of the history of art without architecture?

If you think about the Baroque style, or the Arts and Crafts movement, or any other major cultural era: just to write about paintings or sculpture whilst ignoring the buildings they were created for would be wrong. Both events have left me feeling art has value, a sense of environmental importance and I personally have a particular role to play. So, as we end another working week, I wish you a happy, relaxing and memorable weekend!

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