Yara Caroline Tshallener & closure of Redgate Gallery London

With great regret, I announce the cancellation of my scheduled show at Redgate Gallery London. This is due to the apparent activities of the gallery proprietor Yara Caroline Tshallener.

Yara has been evicted from the premises and appears be in hiding. Several artists scheduled to exhibit over coming months are now without a venue or the money they’ve paid for space. The gallery, a landmark in south London with a 13-year history, will be closed for the foreseeable future whilst the police investigate and seek her whereabouts. For several days, a number of artists have tried to contact Yara without success.

Yara Caroline Tshallener

This strange and disturbing situation unfolded last Friday when artist Marta Frankiewicz arrived from Poland to set up her solo exhibition. She arrived only to find the gallery locked with no access to her work inside!

This isn’t the type of material I like to write but when a person you’ve worked with, trusted and entered a legally binding contract misleads and exploits clients in such a way it’s only fair!

It comes as a great annoyance after time, money and energy has been spent. I was particularly looking forward to my opening weekend with guest poets and live music in aid of the Sickle Cell Society. I will no doubt organise something with my colleagues and the charity in the near future. To fellow artists and art followers, be careful with whom you do business with .Watch out for Yara!

I hope to bring you further information.

10 thoughts on “Yara Caroline Tshallener & closure of Redgate Gallery London

  1. Awww that is very sad and misfortunate. I hope all turns out well for you. I can’t imagine coming in from far for an exhibit and finding such a disturbing thing.

  2. Sorry to hear that after so much energy, hard graft plus investment both emotional and financial has been put into the exhibition. I was looking forward to it as I missed your show @ Red Gate Gallery back in December 2007.

    You’ve suffered a great wrong and hope you’ll get justice…

    David, my friend STAY BLESSED

    1. Yes, very shocking. I too had exhibited there before. Therefore I had expectations that if something was wrong I would have been informed. To date, as far as I’m aware, a number of artists are still out of pocket.

  3. Hi …That explains why I have not been able to contact Yara for such a long time,… about 3 pieces of work of mine that she has! Does anyone have any recent information?? So sorry to hear about how all of you were ‘done’. When I had my exhibition, I did think her behaviour was odd…she didn’t even offer me a cup of tea, after coming to stay with her boyfriend in Dorset with me for a weekend! Gail

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve been a victim too Gail. She did send a cut and paste letter to some saying she was in a predicament and was unable to do anything. That was in the summer of last year and since then she has gone silent. I think we must all be aware and alert for characters like her!

  4. I exhibited at the gallery in 2008, Was invited to stay at her home during the first days. Nothing weird was going on. I very surprised when i read this! One never knows it seems!!

  5. chef stephen

    I am just a cook and in 2011 I wanted to do a food/art thing there which brought me into her nearby flat and kitchen naturally. Wow. Didn’t you all know that Yara had a sadistic sociopath laborer crim boyfriend who stripped her of any cash on-hand to smoke crack? Didn’t you’all get any such warning signals? Well, I got the hell out of there before the butter softened.
    I say, keep your eyes wide open, check out associates, and focus on your art.

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