The clock is ticking: On your mark, get set….go!

Man & Woman- David Emmanuel Noel

The summer is on its way and so begins a period of enthusiasm and adrenalin to paint during longer days and hopefully warmer months. I hope to be working tirelessly on paintings in my studio. I always find therapy and comfort when I’m working on canvas. Moreover, I feel I’m entering a period full of opportunity to express myself, work on ideas and collaborate productively with many talented people. I’m truly honoured. I’m looking positively towards the future. I’m reminded of a Samuel Smiles quote that men ‘resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough; and if they do not find them, they will make them.’

I follow this philosophy and sincerely believe there is far more opportunity than there is ability in this world. Success will only be rewarded to those determined to show perseverance, an abundance of self belief and an undying resolve to break through the barriers of life we call adversity. We all have this inner power and ability. What we often lack is the belief. Last year was a reminder of how precious our time on this world is; equally, how short and unfair life can be. It only takes a number of situations, like close friends passing or people you know being hampered with failing health to realise you’re fortunate to breathe, walk and do everyday things we so often take for granted. That’s part of the reason why I celebrate my life, the people in it and those creatives who inspire and remind me to embrace and broadcast my talents, particularly if it contributes positively to the lives of others and enhances my immediate environment. As the saying suggests, a the man or woman who can waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. Make sure you do if you haven’t already!

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